Day Dreams Gone Bad

The Aida—of the German cruise ship line–just docked on this bleary, rainy morning. I guess there are still a few more cruise boats due in over the next few weeks. Today, I might get a slightly different perspective of their arrival.
Susan was given a pair of binoculars for her birthday—among other things—and said they were probably more for me—as if. Maybe a few peeks, but I’m no peeping boat tom. l did write to the Aida company, to see if I could get a tour while one of their ships was tied up, but they only offered a web address, so I could book a tour. Not too friendly—they won’t make the Acknowledgements page.
So what’s guy to do, to get a little better glimpse, to explore possible elements for a new book? Yikes, Aunt Ida and Uncle Fritz just waltzed out in their Bermuda shorts and rumpled tank tops. Better get back to work before I see something untoward. Oh no, too late, two women in their bras waving to me.
Back to day dreaming. More productive to let my wander about flying whales than suffer the reality of cruise ship tourists.

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