JUMP Jumps the Gun

She warned me, but I just got so excited I couldn’t control myself. “Just a little hint here and there,” I promised. “Sure, honey, but I know you. There won’t be anything little about it.” And sure enough, with enough hints, people started to share my excitement. And then they wanted to know when the […]

Cpap Quandary

  Facebook post seven years ago:  It’s a Miracle (can now be found on my websit First night, monster me, so afraid that Susan wouldn’t want to sleep next to Hannibal Lector. Lucky me, she likes me a lot and her patience and understanding really paid off.  I slept eight hours, didn’t get up to pee […]

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Multiple Personality Author/Traveler/Librarian

Talking it to a New Level Bob Jonas has been a school librarian for twenty-four years—four in Beaverton, Oregon, seven in China — Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. In South America he worked for three years in Santiago, Chile, and then three years in the Middle East, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After completing his final […]

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Mr. Suckee

Yesterday was my last day of one-day-a-week subbing on the island this school year. Grade six, six periods, hot outside, no air conditioning, blue sky, only two weeks left. Thought I had skills, but with not much control of expectations or consequences, sometimes skills don’t count for jack. Sixth and final period, fingernails digging deeper […]

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Teaching Shanghai Police Trainees a Diplomatic Coup

This was an article I wrote for the Oregonian, my home town newspaper, the first year we were in China. Voices My Turn Summary: Beaverton school librarian in China treads softly when exchanging views with students on Kosovo, NATO bombing On May 7, 1999, the United States during a joint military action with NATO forces, […]

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Censored From the Start

  Censored From the Start On September 22, 2007, I sent a copy of the first draft of ChinAlive to a good friend in Beijing. Although I left Beijing in 2006 to work at a school in Hong Kong we stayed in touch. She had the kind of credentials to be able offer me great advise on […]