Guy Billout, the Ironic Illustrator

Appeared in All things Ruffnerian Blog, 2010. . . . . and whose art will soon appear the cover of a soon to be released memoir entitled: Jump, by Bob Jonas Guy Billout (b. 1941) is a French illustrator whose work has been featured regularly for years in The Atlantic Monthly. His style is characterized by […]

Not fake news

You think this can’t happen? It is happening, right now. NBC News Arkansas librarians sue to block new law that could jail them over explicit books Daily Mail Mapped: The U.S. states where school librarians face years in prison and tens of THOUSANDS in fines for providing ‘harmful’ books for children   ABC News Proposed […]

JUMP Jumps the Gun

She warned me, but I just got so excited I couldn’t control myself. “Just a little hint here and there,” I promised. “Sure, honey, but I know you. There won’t be anything little about it.” And sure enough, with enough hints, people started to share my excitement. And then they wanted to know when the […]

Cpap Quandary

  Facebook post seven years ago:  It’s a Miracle (can now be found on my websit First night, monster me, so afraid that Susan wouldn’t want to sleep next to Hannibal Lector. Lucky me, she likes me a lot and her patience and understanding really paid off.  I slept eight hours, didn’t get up to pee […]

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Multiple Personality Author/Traveler/Librarian

Talking it to a New Level Bob Jonas has been a school librarian for twenty-four years—four in Beaverton, Oregon, seven in China — Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. In South America he worked for three years in Santiago, Chile, and then three years in the Middle East, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After completing his final […]

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Mr. Suckee

Yesterday was my last day of one-day-a-week subbing on the island this school year. Grade six, six periods, hot outside, no air conditioning, blue sky, only two weeks left. Thought I had skills, but with not much control of expectations or consequences, sometimes skills don’t count for jack. Sixth and final period, fingernails digging deeper […]