Guy Billout, the Ironic Illustrator

Appeared in All things Ruffnerian Blog, 2010. . .

. . and whose art will soon appear the cover of a soon to be released memoir entitled: Jump, by Bob Jonas

Guy Billout (b. 1941) is a French illustrator whose work has been featured regularly for years in The Atlantic Monthly. His style is characterized by delicate and economical line work, heavy shadows, beautiful gradients and almost always, irony. The following examples of his work have all appeared in The Atlantic Monthly. More great illustrations can be seen at Guy Billout’s Web gallery, here.


The story of our relationship, and how his work—the work of a world-famous artist—came to appear on the cover of my book, Jump, is so meaningful to me, that I decided to devote the entire Afterward of the book to this subject.

Cover Evolution

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