The Life of Bob Jonas

Bob Jonas has been a school librarian for twenty-one Years: Four in Beaverton, Oregon and Seven in China—Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. In South America he worked for three years in Santiago, Chile, and later, three years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After completing a post in Erlangen, Germany, Bob decided to retire, back to the US, to accelerate his vigorous writing habit. He was four years into retirement when a call came from Norway, for one last two-year post, this time for his wife, Susan.

Across the World

Using experiences from his work with kids overseas, he employs an extensive knowledge of expatriate living to write about these kids and their frontline exposure to political intrigue, revolution, overthrow, and war. Bob’s travel and writing obsessions began after reading Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki when he was ten. His storytelling obsession began with his dad—the greatest tall tale teller and BS artiste, mesmerizer, and recontour the younger Jonas would ever lean on for inspiration.

Bob’s Adventurous Youth

Bob’s first fifteen years of adulthood found him living the travel adventure in a semi-truck where he logged thousands of miles in twelve western states. After his truck driving adventure hit the million-mile mark, his life took so many new twists and turns, it would be difficult to imagine anyone having a greater store of experiences from which to write action-packed novels for teen readers.

“When I was in third grade, you said you came from outer space. I blinked, I shouldn’t have.”

A former student


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Library Adventures

A website dedicated to the library adventures of Bob Jonas.

The Mission of Bob Jonas

After Retiring on 1st July 2015, Bob Jonas continued to write, visit schools, present at conferences and use what he knows to get kids excited about books, reading and writing.

In Conversation with Bob Jonas