A Book by Bob Jonas

Death Brew

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Sixteen-year-old Zane Walker was lucky the first time: hero, reformer, media sensation, escape artist—and blasphemer. His survival of numerous near death experiences was chalked up to a Teflon coating, bestowed by some sympathetic benefactor. Casting online religious edicts to a worldwide Islamic audience was not a typical high school media project, especially from an American school in Saudi Arabia. When he was found out, he thought his life was over. Miraculously, authorities discovered that he had been used, set up by a terrorist cell to help create global tension on the Internet. The worldwide condemnation, regardless of his innocence, would remain a powerful memory, in every corner of the earth, wherever anyone had a computer and used social media.As his new life unfolds, Zane embraces the illusion that he and his family are safe. Idyllic Germany: sophisticated, progressive, with its cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, red tile roofs, and four time World Cup Champions. But there is a darkerr side: right wing hate groups and a growing fear of immigrants. For Zane Walker, this new adventure in a sleepy little German town rapidly becomes a firestorm of danger and intrigue—not necessarily a bad thing for a guy with newly minted nerves of steel—unless you’re his parents.
Never could he have imagined that his infamous media persona, the Grand Mufti Achmed Ali, would become a closeted hero to the fascist, far right, neo-Nazi movement. He is now marked, not for what he had done, but for who he has become.

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