Starting Over—Strangers in a Strange Land

Starting over, next to nothing left, at least in the way of stuff. After 25 years on the road, buying, selling, giving it all away, donating, and even leaving quality crap  alongside the road (on Vashon), we’ve deep sixed more than one or two household’s worth of eclectic, priceless heirlooms, and are down to the bare bones. The final cleansing occrued on Vahson, […]

Day Dreams Gone Bad

  The Aida—ofthe German cruise ship line–just docked on this bleary, rainy morning. I guess there are still a few more cruise boats due in over the next few weeks.Today, I might get a slightly different perspective of their arrival. Susan was given a pair of binoculars for her birthday—among other things—and said they were probably […]

Death’s Door, and More

Michelle Obama cancelled last Friday so we took off to Portland Friday afternoon, just ahead of the snowstorm that jeapordized her visit. Kept saying to Susan, why are we heading into this storm when we could be snugging down, watching the geese fly by? Surprise, surprise, surprise, a b-day party for me, thrown by my […]

Shut Up!!!!!

In the movie Network, Peter Finch eloquently raged: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. The movie showed people shouting this from rooftops, at their televisions, and everywhere anyone needed to scream for a well-deserved catharsis. That time has come again, in a way unimagined in our darkest nightmares. Speaking […]

Sorting Myself Out

  It is happening: A way to assure Susan that I am not just eating chocolate bon bons and reading movie magazines (like I did on the job). Of course she is thrilled with my daily electronic scribbling but the sporadic royalty payments only seem to stretch as far as a six pack and a few […]

Death Brew Launches

  After just a few of these events, it becomes extremely clear that if the writing of books is always followed by one of these parteeeeeees, I’m going to have to hurry up. Imagine, being surrounded by family and friends, former colleagues and book groupies, in a fine place of drink, in the school district where it all began […]

Death Brew Launches—Finally

On June 16, 2016 I was ecstatic to announce completion of the first draft of Death Brew, sequel to Imposter. It always takes me so much longer to get the revisions done and this book was no exception. Nine months later, with the help four editors, a couple of extraordinary middle school classes, and my own […]

Death Brew Marketing—to Arabia

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh—at Facebook. Hell bent they are on squeezing every last drop from Page features that used to be free. But hey, that’s biz. So I signed up to use this image, my new Page banner, to promote my forthcoming book, Death Brew. In designing the ad you are allowed to […]