Instant Gratification

Part 1: Observations from a repatriating American and what it means to be back after being gone for twenty-five years. . .  . living in an age where instant gratification is not fast enough. When I order online, I don’t need it delivered immediately, although now, the expectation seems to be, by the time you […]

JUMP Jumps the Gun

She warned me, but I just got so excited I couldn’t control myself. “Just a little hint here and there,” I promised. “Sure, honey, but I know you. There won’t be anything little about it.” And sure enough, with enough hints, people started to share my excitement. And then they wanted to know when the […]

Cpap Quandary

  Facebook post seven years ago:  It’s a Miracle (can now be found on my websit First night, monster me, so afraid that Susan wouldn’t want to sleep next to Hannibal Lector. Lucky me, she likes me a lot and her patience and understanding really paid off.  I slept eight hours, didn’t get up to pee […]


I have been writing for years, using Works, Word, Apple Works, Google docs, open source, and more—for business and personal use, to write letters, ads, lesson plans, and all the rest. As Word became the preeminent word processing application over the years, starting out with just a few thousand commands, adding thousands more through upgrades, […]

Writing April 6, 2023 3 Comments

Blogger Bob is Back

Greetings blog readers, Bob blog readers, or Bob Blog Binge Readers, all of whom at times, I’m sure, feel overwhelmed in trying to keep up with their favorite blogs, news feeds, Op-ed pieces, and an online mountain of way too much information and visual garbage. My promise to you, if you have a look at […]

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Starting Over—Strangers in a Strange Land

Starting over, next to nothing left, at least in the way of stuff. After 25 years on the road, buying, selling, giving it all away, donating, and even leaving quality crap  alongside the road (on Vashon), we’ve deep sixed more than one or two household’s worth of eclectic, priceless heirlooms, and are down to the bare bones. The final cleansing occrued on Vahson, […]

Day Dreams Gone Bad

  The Aida—of the German cruise ship line–just docked on this bleary, rainy morning. I guess there are still a few more cruise boats due in over the next few weeks. Today, I might get a slightly different perspective of their arrival. Susan was given a pair of binoculars for her birthday—among other things—and said […]