Blasting Off–All Things Considered, by Bob

  With great apologies to NPR for using a portion of their program title, the time is right to start my meager mouthing off.  I’ve waited so long, for the right moment, the right niche, persona, inspired contribution–writer, storyteller, traveler, library guru to guys–that if I can’t find the time now, in retirement, I am hopeless. The older […]

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Librarian Survives Vegas

After three days at the American Library Association Conference in Las Vegas, Susan and I felt like trapped players in an adult video game. As Woody Allen once said, “Vegas is a city dedicated to greed and bad taste,” an observation as accurate now as it was when Bugsy Siegel moved the Mob west. Like […]

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Censored From the Start

  Censored From the Start On September 22, 2007, I sent a copy of the first draft of ChinAlive to a good friend in Beijing. Although I left Beijing in 2006 to work at a school in Hong Kong we stayed in touch. She had the kind of credentials to be able offer me great advise on […]

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Ladalizing the Liberian

Ladalizing the Liberian — Nov. 24, 2004 After three years in Shanghai and a year and a half in Beijing, one of the best things about living in China – as we have repeatedly bragged to family and friends  – was the how safe we felt here. The rose colored glasses came off last night when […]