Bob Jonas - The Librarian

As a School Librarian

Bob Jonas has been a school librarian for twenty-one Years: Four in Beaverton, Oregon and Seven in China—Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. In South America he worked for three years in Santiago, Chile, and later, three years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After completing a post in Erlangen, Germany, Bob decided to retire, back to the US, to accelerate his vigorous writing habit. He was four years into retirement when a call came from Norway, for one last two-year post, this time for his wife, Susan.

As a Writer

Using his extensive knowledge of expatriate living, and the experiences he had had with overseas kids, Bob was able to write about their frontline exposure to political intrigue, revolution overthrow, and war—in addition to their nonstop challenges of just fitting in.

Publishing Date:

Inspired after working seven years in China.

Publishing Date:

Three years in Saudi Arabia.

Publishing Date:

Three years in Germany. And now.

Publishing Date:
Spring 2023

From a lifetime of travel, all over the world.

As a Blogger

Soon to be Giving Testimony on:

  1. The joy of writing, reading, travel, education and kids.
  2. Comparisons of the things he experienced overseas; health care, people, politics, education, third culture kids, corruption, etc.
  3. Whatever pops into his head on any given day.
  4. Trying to find hope in a country where hope seems to be in short supply.
  5. Figuring out who he is and if he can find a way to live happily in America.
  6. Promoting his new book, Jump.

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