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A website dedicated to the travels, writings, and library adventures of Bob Jonas. As a storyteller, writer, and school librarian for the past twenty-one years, Bob has motivated, inspired, stimulated, stirred, cajoled, provoked, and done what was necessary to get kids to read.

Retired and Going Strong

After retiring on July 1, 2015, he continued to write, visit schools, present at conferences, and use what he knows— which is a lot—to get kids excited about books, reading, and writing.

Newest Book to Launch

Jump, a travelogue/memoir of all his years teaching and traveling will launch sometime in 2023.

Bob Jonas - Important Stuff

The Mission of Vagabond Librarian

My mission is to continue the work I've done as a school librarian for the past twenty-five years by:
Offering kids guidance, passion, and books that will sit them down long enough to find enjoyment between the pages of a book. And In retirement by continuing to write high-voltage, action-packed novels, along with author presentations about writing and reading, where I am able to continue, as a natural extension of what I did for all the years, in getting kids to read.

Bob Books

New Book To Launch

Spring 2023

A memoir beginning in 1973, chronicling forty-six years on the road—fifteen as a truck driver, a million miles in a semi-truck. Joined by Susan in 1995 for the rest of the journey: four continents, eleven schools, forty-seven countries—one end of the world to the other.


From 60° below in Harbin, China, to the blistering 120° + in the sands of Saudi Arabia, and the sweltering heat of Borneo, Hong Kong, Phoenix . . .
From the islands of Sri Lanka, Hainan, Hawaii, Easter Island,
Boracay, Bali, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland . . .
to the extreme reaches of the world— Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Gibraltar, Singapore, Vladivostok.
Across the straits of Magellan, Singapore, Bosporus, and Johor, and into the rain forests and jungles of Borneo, the Trossachs, Sinha aja, Kinabalu, and the Olympics . . .
By yak, mule, horse, train, plane, car, jeepney, pedi-cab, bike, rickshaw, bus, boat, subway, tram, motorbike, and by foot, lots of foot . . .
From the oceans and seas of the Baltic, Aegean, Mediterranean, Celebes, Sulu, Tasman, North Sea, East and 
South China Sea, Andaman, Arabian, Adriatic, North and South Pacific, North and South Atlantic, and the Fjords of Norway. To the gulfs and bays of Mexico, Persia, Oman, Thailand, Bengal, and San Francisco.
Robbed, almost robbed, accosted, or hassled in: Budapest, Manilla, Rome, St. Petersburg, United Airlines, American Airlines, Santiago . . .

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