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After just a few of these events, it becomes extremely clear that if the writing of books is always followed by one of these parteeeeeees, I'm going to have to hurry up. Imagine, being surrounded by family and friends, former colleagues and book groupies, in a fine place of drink, in the school district where it all began for me. The flood of memories and well wishes was like a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, a mountain of goose down pillows, a massage, and a long soak in a hot tub.

To everyoe that was there, everyone who sent their best, everyone who thought kind thoughts of me no matter where they were, and all the folks who have uspported me for so long–three books in print and this is just the beginning. I cannot thank you enough.























European Tour

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World tour banner_edited-3First stop: Erlangen, Germany, where we can't wait to see old friends, colleagues, kids, and the entire Franconian International School community.

Next stop: The International School of Basel in Basel, Switzerland, to see fabulous old friends Vero and Thierry Mathy. ISB is using ChinAlive as one of their Battle of the Books titles, and I've been asked to MC their grand battle finale. I will also be presenting a number of author workshops.

After a year and a half back in the States, it will be interesting to revisit the love we had for working and traveling abroad. Susan was able to get time off, so thank goodness I'll have a road manager to keep an eye on me.

Death Brew Buyers Guide

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Smashwords ebook Discount

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Until May 5, ebook vesrions of Death Brew will be available at Smashwords, <> for just  .99. 

What is Smashwords?

Smashwords is a global ebook distributor serving authors, publishers, readers and major ebook retailers. Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, personal memoirs, poetry chapbooks, short and long-form fiction, and non-fiction. If you've written it, we want to help you share it and sell it! We distribute books to Apple iBooks (51 countries), Barnes & Noble, Kobo (which powers the bookstores of multiple other retailers such as FNAC in France and WH Smith in the U.K.), OverDrive, Gardners, Baker & Taylor ( and the Axis360 library platform), and others.

What does Smashwords offer readers?

Smashwords offers book lovers an opportunity to discover thousands of independently published ebooks. We offer affordably priced ebooks for immediate sampling, purchase and download. Most Smashwords books are readable on any e-reading device. One purchase and you gain access to multiple formats.

Multiple Personality Author/Traveler/Librarian

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Talking it to a New Level 

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Book Movie Trailers

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Two ways to access movie trailers to my books: 

My Youtube Channel:

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Goodreads Author Page:

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Death Brew Launches—Finally

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IMG_4105.JPGOn June 16, 2016 I was ecstatic to announce completion of the first draft of Death Brew, sequel to Imposter. It always takes me so much longer to get the revisions done and this book was no exception. Nine months later, with the help four editors, a couple of extraordinary middle school classes, and my own anal approach to getting everything perfect, Death Brew was finally published, two days ago, on March 26. It will be available on many distribution channels starting today, March 29: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, and at least twenty five other online sellers. Ebook versions–Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashword, etc. should be available next week–stay tuned.

A launch party is planned to benefit homeless kids in our area on May 13— For those of you close to this part of the world, be on the lookout for the invitation. A reading will soon take place at our local bookstore, and the European book tour kicks off on May 29—exciting stuff for sure. 



Sixteen-year-old Zane Walker was lucky the first time: hero, reformer, media sensation, escape artist—and blasphemer. His survival of numerous near death experiences was chalked up to a Teflon coating, bestowed by some sympathetic benefactor. Casting online religious edicts to a worldwide Islamic audience was not a typical high school media project, especially from an American school in Saudi Arabia. When he was found out, he thought his life was over. Miraculously, authorities discovered that he had been used, set up by a terrorist cell to help create global tension on the Internet. The worldwide condemnation, regardless of his innocence, would remain a powerful memory, in every corner of the earth, wherever anyone had a computer and used social media. 

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Death Brew to Arabia

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bannerSometimes you've just got to laugh—at Facebook. Hell bent they are on squeezing every last drop from Page features that used to be free. But hey, that's biz. So I signed up to use this image, my new Page banner, to promote my forthcoming book, Death Brew. In designing the ad you are allowed to ID a variety of elements to help reach an optimal audience—including the countries where you want the ad to appear. I chose Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the US. Imposter was set in Saudi, Death Brew in Germany, and the US is the heart of my market for English speaking readers.


My reach from the ad was fantastic, more hits of every kind than I've ever had before. Unfortunately, most were in Arabic, most from Saudi, and many from other countries like Yemen, Oman, and all over Arabia–97% from these countries, to be exact. 


So now I have a huge following in counties where the majority does not speak English and where alcohol is banned. In reflecting back on the ad, it is easy to see why so many FB users in these counties were enthralled enough to engage this post—it looks like I am about to introduce a new beer, not a book, to the world—go figure. Can't wait to see how many orders I get from this part of the world.


And of course you cannot contact FB directly. Help is only available through their chatrooms, so no clear reason could I find to answer the question, why didn't my ad go in equal measure to the countries I requested, and how did they end up in so many countries in Arabia. 


Lessons to be learned here, but not sure which ones.

Death Brew: On Tap Soon

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Harry Potter Invitation—VHS

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