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Sorting Myself Out

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It is happening: A way to assure Susan that I am not just eating chocolate bon bons and reading movie magazines (like I did on the job). Of course she is thrilled with my daily electronic scribbling but the sporadic royalty payments only seem to stretch as far as a six pack and a few good …

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Retirement–Plenty to do

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He’s Back

Vagabond Librarian Rises

And how significant is this? It’s not, but stay tuned. Decided not to wait seventy six more days until retirement. So much bloggage to do, so little time.

Final Test


Vagabond Librarian–the Poem, for test purposes (abbreviated) There once was a time, not too far to go back, of the memory he had when his brain got on track. That very first time, when school set him ablaze, and the spark that he felt when he stepped through the haze, to bypass the boring and …

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This is a test…

old teacher

Librarian Survives Vegas


After three days at the American Library Association Conference in Las Vegas, Susan and I felt like trapped players in an adult video game. As Woody Allen once said, “Vegas is a city dedicated to greed and bad taste,” an observation as accurate now as it was when Bugsy Siegel moved the Mob west.Like a …

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